Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private companies (also called Medicare Part C) to cover the 20% that Medicare Part A (Hospital) + Part B (Doctor and Medical Services) does not cover, and many also offer additional benefits at no extra cost.
Medicare Advantage plans offer:
► Most offer $0 Premium 
► Most offer $0 Primary Doctor
► Medicare Advantage aka Part C covers Medicare Part A & B and most cover part D (medications). 
► Most offer Prescription Drug coverage (Part D)
► Most offer Dental, Vision, Hearing, Transportation, Gym benefits at no additional cost. It is offered as a benefit.
Due to Coronavirus
We are unable to assist you in Face to Face appointments.
If you already have a Medicare Advantage plan you can change your plan or see what next year changes are, you have from
October 15th - December 7th the Annual Election Period (AEP).
If you change plan, the new plan starts until January 1st.
You can contact  us at (915) 255-9077 for plans available in your zip code, finding a Doctor, Specialist, or any other medical service or enrollment into a Medicare Advantage plan.